Breña: Former policeman arrested, had 51 grenades in building


Lima has had a rough week for grenades. Today, authorities arrested a former policeman after raiding a building that was home to 51 grenades in the Breña district.

Edmundo Rubén Mamani Gamarra, 51, was arrested when members of the Tactical Actions Subunit (SUAT, Spanish acronym) and the Bomb Disposal Unit (UDEX, Spanish acronym) intervened at a building on block 8 of Arica in Breña, Lima.

UDEX members disarmed three grenades at the entrance of the building and then found three more boxes with 16 grenades in each one once entering.

Lima: Policeman dies while trying to disarm grenades

The Intelligence team of the Peruvian National Police went undercover as buyers and were led to the location.

The former policeman had also been arrested in 2007 for possession of war weapons.

On Tuesday, “a policeman”:http://www.peruthisweek.com/news-lima-police-dies-while-trying-to-disarm-grenades-107508 and member of UDEX passed way while attempting to disarm a grenade. It had been placed outside of the school an unknown party extorting the school in Villa El Salvador, Lima.

In this year alone, the PNP count attacks with explosives at five schools in Lima.



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