“Buffy” Star Sarah Michelle Gellar Visits Peru

(Photo: Sarah Michell Gellar/Instagram)

Most well known for her lead role in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Sarah Michelle Gellar came to Peru on a mission: to source the world’s best chocolate.

Sarah Michelle Gellar traveled to Peru in the early part of August, but instead of hunting vampires, she was hunting chocolate.

Why? The former “Buffy” star is traveling the world to find the best chocolate for her LA based startup FoodStirs, according to her Instagram updates of the trip.

She is not only interested in sourcing the best tasting chocolate, but also the most ethically grown and produced.  This is why she is taking the time to see the places where it is made for herself.

The actress turned entrepreneur also found time to relax and enjoy herself, visiting iconic tourists sites such as Larcomar and Machu Picchu.

Yet, the best news was still to come.  At the end of the trip, Sarah Michelle Gellar announced that she successfully found partners that met quality and ethical standards.

She wrote glowingly of the people, the places, and pisco of Peru.  Her parting Instagram words: “This trip in the win category. Adios Peru (until we meet again…and we will).”

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Mike Dreckschmidt

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