These are the Buses that Will Transit Vía Expresa of the Yellow Line in Lima


The objective is to connect the districts of Lima and Callao and improve the city’s public transport system.

The Municipality of Lima conducted a series of tests on the public transport bus that will soon cover the Vía Expresa of the Yellow Line, which will be ready next month and will unite the districts of Lima and Callao.

The mayor of Lima, Luis Castañeda Lossio, indicated that the capital city is carrying out the corresponding procedures to implement, through the new highway, a public transport service that connects Ate, Surco, La Molina, Santa Anita, El Agustino, San Juan de Lurigancho, Rímac, Cercado de Lima and El Callao, informed today El Comercio.

These new buses will have installed video cameras, speed control in sight, and will transport more than 150 people. El Comercio says that this service is an alternative for the users to reach their destinations in a faster and safer way.

The yellow line has been built underground to respect the character of a World Heritage Site that has the Historical Center of Lima.”, wrote El Comercio. It also has 10 viaducts, 9 kilometers of new tracks, a modern camera and fire monitoring system, and telephones directly connected to the surveillance center.

Castañeda Lossio said that “this project is part of a series of initiatives in favor of the millions of residents of Lima, including the integration of the Metro de Lima with the Metropolitan through the Vía Expresa de Grau”, according to information from El Comercio.

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