Public relations is about trust, says speaker for IPRA-2010 event in Lima, Peru


Molleda adds that to obtain an optimal management of internal communication, aiming at improving the labor climate, encouraging the productivity of the human capital, strengthening the business sustainability, team work, institutional culture, leadership, respect and commitment, it is important for corporations to understand that investing in the strategic planning and in the professional management of intangibles may offer excellent results for your company; building in the mid and long term an identity that lasts and that turns into perception, trust, into corporate reputation.

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About Juan Carlos Molleda

He holds a Ph.D. in journalism and mass communication, with emphasis in international public relations and international business of the University of South Carolina. He is currently an Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator of the Department of Public Relations of the Faculty of Journalism and Communications of the University of Florida.  He is also a founding member of the Institute for Public Relations’ Commission on Global Communication Research, and co-owner of Latin & Hispanic Strategic Communications.

About IPRA 2010 Lima- Peru

Peru will host IPRA 2010, XIX Public Relations World Congress. This world-class international event will gather representatives from over 100 countries of the five continents, who will attend the conferences of prestigious specialists in communications and public relations.

IPRA 2010 intends to provide room to reflect on the value of discipline and its clear influence in decision making for business success within an interconnected society, with emphasis on emerging markets like Latin America in comparison to other regions of the world.

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