Executives from Google, Microsoft and Shell to present new commercial strategies in Lima, Peru


Alberto Arébalos, Director of Global Communications and Public Affairs of Google, Leonardo Ortiz Villacorta, Director of IP Communications of Microsoft Corporation, and Olav Ljösne, Communications and Operations Manager of Shell, will present their experiences and recommendations at the 19th Public Relations World Congress, organized by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) and Universidad San Martín de Porres. The event will take place June 1-3 in Lima.

This international event aims at stressing the importance of public relations within the overall business strategies of the companies. In a context dominated by multimedia immediacy, networking, and new communication technologies, an adequate flowing communication is essential among corporations and the various audiences of emerging markets like Peru and the rest of the region.
Many of the conferences and tables of debate will not only be focused on international public relations or the contact of this discipline with internal audiences, but will delve into corporate social responsibility, crisis management, social media procedures, and community relations aimed specifically at building consensus between business interests and the communities that surround it. Similarly, there will be an assessment of the significance of political communication within the relational problem, the context surrounding the interaction of the “relationist” with the media, with particular attention to the recent evolution of these two at an educational and occupational level.

In addition to the executives mentioned above, Yanina Budkin, Senior Communications Officer of the World Bank in Latin America and Aliza Chelminsky, Regional Director of Corporate Affairs of Pfizer will arrive in Lima, as well as top public relations professors, including James Grunig (considered the father of this communication discipline), Robert Grupp, Donald Wright, Don Stacks and Antonio Nogüero, all authors of several books and academic research.

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More Information

Peru will host IPRA 2010, XIX Public Relations World Congress. This world-class international event will gather representatives from over 100 countries of the five continents, who will attend the conferences of prestigious specialists in communications and public relations.

IPRA 2010 intends to provide room to reflect on the value of discipline and its clear influence in decision making for business success within an interconnected society, with emphasis on emerging markets like Latin America in comparison to other regions of the world.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru has described this event as a focal point for tourism and as an economic boost for 2010.

For further information visit ipracongressperu.com.