Blogger to speak on misuse of corporate web PR strategies in Lima, Peru


Companies should exploit their creativity

For Ginisty, companies are ceasing to be creative. He recommends that companies should exploit this quality to achieve their objectives.

"Some institutions are ceasing to be creative,” he says. “In fact, the creativity of organizations and institutions is necessary to achieve the goals set by the company. For example, Barack Obama did his work largely through the Internet. Six months ago, to find solutions to difficult times, he tried to convince governments to seek support. To do this, he went to the Internet and told all the bloggers in America please join in support. And indeed, this is the kind of creativity that I like. "

In short, the Internet has changed everything by allowing people to communicate, interact and report what happens in the world in record time. "Before the Internet, traditional media informed the people without the ability to interact, exchange or share information among them. Now, with the Internet all citizens communicate with each other and share information, talk to each other and increase the global conversation."

More about Christophe Ginisty

Ginisty worked with Francois Bayrou, leader of the French Democratic Party, to develop creative bridges between the Internet and politics. In 2007, he founded Internet Sans Frontieres, an NGO dedicated to promoting freedom of expression of citizens through the web. He also founded the Festival de Romans, the first event that rewards human creativity on the Internet. He is a much sought after spokesperson on new media, the digital revolution and the impact of Internet on society. He writes on his personal blog and is considered one of the most influential bloggers in France. He is member of Renaissance Numérique, a French business club that lobbies the government to promote the widespread implementation of technology in France, and a board member of IPRA.

More about the conference

Peru will host IPRA 2010, XIX Public Relations World Congress. This world-class international event will gather representatives from over 100 countries of the five continents, who will attend the conferences of prestigious specialists in communications and public relations.

IPRA 2010 intends to provide room to reflect on the value of discipline and its clear influence in decision making for business success within an interconnected society, with emphasis on emerging markets like Latin America in comparison to other regions of the world.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru has described this event as a focal point for tourism and as an economic boost for 2010.

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