Jhonny Lindley, owner of Inca Kola: Our goal is to have five megaplants

The company

  • Lindley S.A. Corporation
  • 100 years old, headquarters in Rimac
  • It takes care of the elaboration, distribution and sales of Coca Cola brands. It also has the brand Frugos.

How much did you expect to grow?
We had projected 8% but we only grew 5%. The highest growth was reached in March but it dropped a month and a half later due to a seasonal factor (the arrival of winter in Lima) which we’re trying to compensate for in the provinces.

What is the outlook for the rest of the year?
We think that the economic recovery will show itself progressively and that by the second half of the year this will be more evident in the domestic demand. That is why we have made important investments during the first half of the year.

How much have you invested until now?
This year we have an investment plan of US $100 million. Part of that amount (US$36 million) was invested in the development of the plant in Callao. With that, Callao will become the biggest and most modern installation out of the nine that we have.

How much is the per capita consumption?
In Peru, it is 45 liters per capita. In Lima, the consumption is 75 liters, which is very similar to the main cities of the world. Some provinces are also gaining ground. However, despite that progress, there is still a lot of room to grow.

Has any city in particular surprised you with its growth?
In some cities in the north, consumption has practically doubled in the last five years, from 80 to 160 liters. Nonetheless, there are others like Huancayo, in the south of the country, where there is still a lot of room for growth and where our products still compete with boiled water and homemade juices. 

That is one of the reasons why you decided to decentralize your operations…
Precisely. Now, a big part of our investment goes to provinces because the growth that has been registered in some cities justifies our revenue. The goal for 2015 is to have five megaplants that will replace the 9 units that we currently have and that will allow us to reach every corner of the country. The first step will be taken in Trujillo.

Have the construction works already started for this megaplant?
The construction (which will require up to US $55 million) has already begun, but it will not be inaugurated until 2011. The idea is to relocate the plant that we have in Mansiche, in the district of Moche in the north.

What will be its production capacity?
We still don’t know. It will all depend on the demand. This plant will also produce water and Frugos.

What will come next?
We have two more projects: southern Lima and south. All of our projects will be carried out simultaneously. When the construction of a megaplant is about to culminate, we will begin to build another one.

Where will be the Lima plant be?
In Pucusana. Construction works will begin in 2011.

Is a plant in Lima really needed? Isn’t this an already mature market?
The idea is to move to a larger space and work with a greater economy of scale. It is true that consumption is very high in Lima; however, there is still a small space to take advantage of.

Don’t you fear the progress of water and other products?
No, because while there may be important growths of 20% or 10%, in terms of volume, their participation is still very small compared to sodas. Besides, what is important to the corporation is to respond to the demands of the consumers of the different niches.