Two days at Camp 2010, top Peru marketing event


The first day’s afternoon session focused on various themes related to measuring marketing campaigns and seeing how creativity, indicators and profitability can go hand in hand with marketing. The afternoon session’s featured speaker was Gary Lilien, author of dozens of books related to measuring the return on investment on marketing. His presentation was focused on two different and contrasting ways to measure marketing campaigns; benchmarking and response modeling. Those in attendance were able to take away a solid analysis provided by Lilien of the strength and weaknesses of each method as well as some helpful tools to help companies better document and measure the return on their marketing investment.

The afternoon session concluded with a panel discussion featuring some of Peru’s most well known marketing gurus including moderator Rolando Arellano, President of Arellano Marketing (see interview here), as well as panelists Gustavo Rodríguez of Toronja Strategic Communication, Ximena Vega of Mayo Publicidad and Carlos Agualimpia of Backus & Johnston. The panel led a dynamic discusion on how creativity, key performance indicators, and profitability can have a place in modern marketing departments and campaigns.

Day two took on a slightly different format from the previous day’s sessions by being arranged in a series of short presentations followed by a question and answer period. The day got underway with an interesting account on human nature and successful marketing by John Hallwad of Ipsos ASI. His presentation included many examples of how important emotions and other senses contribute to human behavior and marketing.

The next three presentations were all related to technology and its influences on marketing and featured Javier Oliván of Facebook, Nicolás Berman of and Guillermo Rospigliosi of Visa. Although each focused on different areas, the dominating theme of these three presentations was how new technology is changing the face of marketing and interaction with consumers.

The final presentation of the seminar was a case study focused on the success of Colombian coffee and its internationally recognized icon, Juan Valdez by Luis Fernando Samper of the Colombian Coffee Federation. This fascinating account of how an brand image, in this case Juan Valdez, and stand the test to time and become to be recognized as one of the most powerful brand images in the world.

As people filed out at the end of the last day, there is no doubt that those in attendance were able to hear new ideas, discuss new trends in marketing, learn new marketing tools, and do some networking. With the IX CAMP Congress completed, people will be marking their calendars for the X CAMP Congress in 2011.