Investing in Peru’s infrastructure: An interview with KPMG


What sectors are the most attractive?
We have some clients that are interested in hydroelectric and ports.

Is Peru the most developed country in the region regarding private-public associations (APP’s in Spanish)?
The country with the most experience with APP’s is Chile; it has a sophisticated banking system that helps to finance the projects. There is also Brazil, although they have a different system. Then comes Peru, with a varied financial market and pension administrators with an interest in investing in infrastructure projects, which is an additional advantage. I think the country is going in the right direction.

What is Pro Inversion’s image abroad?
We are doing a good job and the crucial point was the prioritized project list. We have also done good publicity for these projects all over the world. We see that when our clients ask for more information about these projects.

If a client asks you where you think he should invest in the region, would you recommend Peru?
It depends on the client: If the client is interested in ports, I’d recommend Peru or Brazil. The same goes if they want hydroelectrics.