Peru finally has a country brand

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The principal goal of a country brand is to create a simple idea that contains all of the most important aspects of Peru and that can efficiently transmit the country’s value proposition. The benefits that the country brand will bring are manifold: it is a tool that will allow us to increase tourism, exports, attract new investments, add value to our products and services, attract human capital and promote our culture and heritage. Behind it, there is a strategy to improve the country’s image and make it more competitive in the markets abroad.

The logo shows a P with a spiral form that makes us think of the Peruvian past: it shows a sign found in many of the cultures of Peruvian history and especially the Nazca Lines, the Caral symbol and the lines make a design that could be interpreted as a fingerprint that stands for identity; but the logo also represents the future because you can find the @ sign: which brings modern and technological significance to it. All in all, the Peru brand talks about the past and the future of Peru.

The motto that accompanies the country brand is: “There is a Peru for each one of us.” It tells us about Peru’s diversities: it stimulates tourism, attracts investors, and helps with exports.

It is estimated that with the Peru brand, exports could triplicate in five years, so by the year 2016, Peruvian exports could reach $100 billion (last year our exports reached $35 billion) and obviously there will be more jobs. Tourism on the other hand should grow around 10%. Products that will include the PERU logo should be quality products and Promperu will determine which companies can use the brand on a voluntary basis.

The brand shows a multifaceted PERU due to its cultural and geographical diversity. It is a strong brand that will have 13 ambassadors like singer Gian Marco, chef Gaston Acurio, opera singer Juan Diego Flores, boxer Kina Malpartida amongst others.

However, for the country brand to be successful, first an internal campaign must be launched where Peruvians will appropriate the concept themselves, and identify with the brand. It is elementary that the brand is able to reflect the spirit of the people and build agreement amongst Peruvians. To reach this goal, an ad campaign will be developed by Young & Rubicam in Peru with an investment of $1.8 million that includes a campaign across TV, radio and other media in Peru before heading out to win over world markets.

Peruvians are very proud for their new country brand. There couldn’t be a better time to launch the brand PERU, now that the economic outlook is positive and self-esteem is higher than ever. The country brand in this context will be vital to further promote pride and unity of Peruvians who have finally been rewarded after difficult years overcome through hard work.

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Beatrice Ciabatti is marketing director of Ilaria-Peru.