Peru: How and why participate in Fairs and Trade Missions


Which kind of fairs should be attended?

We recommend specialized or sectoral fairs since they are:

  • reserved for participants of a specific economic sector and thus they present a high degree of specialization.
  • visited exclusively by businessmen or professionals of a specific industry, with scarce time to do business and to have meetings.

Preliminary considerations before participating

These are some of the basic questions that you should ask yourself prior to travelling to a trade fair:

  • What are my goals for this fair?
  • Do my products satisfy the market needs?
  • Will I be able to produce enough products so I can accept a large order and on a regular basis?
  • How much money and time am I willing to invest in market development after I return from the trade fair?

Take a chance, visit a trade fair!

If this is your first time, we recommend to participate as a plain visitor. This way you’ll may:

  1. Make contacts, nobody will stop you.
  2. Get to know the competition, products and market trends.
  3. Reunite valuable information for your business plan.
  4. Analyze the importance and quality of the trade fair, as well as the viability of your participation with a stand of your own.

To take into account

It might be considered not to be able to close any concrete deals during the first participation in a trade fair in a foreign country. One shouldn’t be overly hopeful by thinking that if their product sells fine in the local market, that will automatically happen in the foreign markets.
Buying companies analyze all details before making a decision. They require samples, tests, mutual agreements, etc, that naturally take some time.

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