Warhol, Picasso, and a country’s brand

Let us think about Peru. How do we develop the image of Peru?

Taking a systematic approach, we can start by asking a few simple questions:

How do we want our target market to perceive us? Going a little further, how do we want to be viewed by our current and potential business partners, tourists, investors, and even ourselves?

We should then ask:

How are we being perceived by you?

With this information, we can then develop a plan that will enable us to achieve our strategic objectives, change false perceptions, and strengthen relationships with our target groups.

Since we must practice what we preach, not only should we use our communications strategically, but we should also think about designing projects aimed at ensuring that each Peruvian represents the country’s brand.

http://filer.livinginperu.com/business/img/warhol_picasso_country_brand3.jpg250245Machu Picchu
Peru’s ideal brand

For example, if we say that one of Peru’s attributes is to be hospitable and welcoming and we don’t give people the right of way or even worse, they get mugged or scammed, we are essentially destroying the Peruvian ‘brand.’

Building the reputation that we all want Peru to have is not as simple as creating a catchy logo, having great advertising, or benefiting from important public relations.

Although these factors are important, they represent only a small part of the process.

The most important step is the first one: designing and creating invisible machinery which will enable us to create the desired reputation for our organization, company, or country.

Jacqueline Saettone is a partner of Aleteia Capital and a professor at Peru’s Universidad del Pacifico.

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