Peru spotlight -Trade fairs: Challenge and opportunity

Specialized trade fairs have a clear advantage over the multi-themed ones because they are reserved to a specific sector and are visited only by businesspersons related to it. The main benefit of this type of trade fair is that buyers will find an incentive to visit them and network with several suppliers in the same place.

But it is important to consider that these businesspeople have scarce time to visit trade fairs so exhibitors must use diverse communication tools to attract their attention and make a different impact than the rest. That is why some companies send presentation letters to potential buyers inviting them to their stands before the fair begins, or even offer cocktail parties or discounts during the event. Every company does have enough money to do so, and that is why collective participation in national pavilions – that reduce costs of participation- is gaining importance.

On the other hand, before participating in trade shows it is important for the company to establish objectives, identify the market segment that is going to be addressed, make sure that the product complies with the regulation and standards and be aware of the real production capacity. Also the company should be willing to invest time and money to follow up the contacts made in the trade fair. That is why it is strongly suggested to go to a trade fair first as a visitor, and then as an exhibitor.

Finally, before you make the decision of promoting your products abroad in trade fairs you must first evaluate your capacities and prepare in order to overcome the challenge and turn it in to an opportunity.