E-commerce: exploiting the advantages of the Internet

On the other hand, consumers benefit from e- commerce by the increased capacity to choose between millions of producers around the world and get customized products, better services, immediate responses, cheaper prices and so on.

That is why the integration to the e-commerce universe is a recommended and almost forced strategy for a company these days. Mainly small companies exploit the scale benefits and the increased exposure to the global consumer through the internet at a very reasonable price. Using internet expands peoples and company’s horizons with the unrestricted access to diverse information that results in more accurate and efficient choices.

So, a company that decides to exploit the e-commerce advantages has diverse ways to promote its products. To do so, the company must have a domain, hosting service, develop an attractive design and get proper technology that may allow customers to make orders and payments online. A company that chooses its own website should pay special attention to the site design and its advertisement. But the company could also choose to promote its products by a specialized internet site that already has popularity and offers producers the opportunity to do so without taking care of details such as design of the site or payment technology. Often these sites charge a percentage over the product´s price once the sale is confirmed. Such is the case of sites like Amazon or E-bay.

As exposed before, a company – even the smaller ones- have the opportunity to expose themselves worldwide at very small prices. Even though technology brings great advantages to companies, each day becomes more evident that the disadvantages of staying excluded from globalization and the e-commerce phenomenon are even greater. So, join the e-commerce community and start enjoying its benefits!