Peru: Importing is also good business*

Just like our products will have the advantage of having preferential access to the U.S. market thanks to the PTPA, American products exported to Peru, will also have benefits that will enable them to enter our market with minor taxes and this, far from scaring us because of the increase in competition, should entice us because it will allow us to import capital goods, raw materials and products in general, at more competitive prices, and more so now when the exchange rate is so favorable to us.

If we observe however, the tendencies by global imports in recent years, we can testify that they have increased even more rapidly in the same period. Certainly, some of the healthy unilateral tax cuts done by our country in the past few months, have allowed us to invigorate imports but still there is a lot we can potentially take advantage of.

Our country is growing at an accelerated rate, and for that reason it requires capital goods, as well as machinery and equipment that can allow us to better compete in order to extend the capacity of our industry. Hence one can observe a higher number of imports of machinery, tractors, vehicles, polystyrenes, polypropylene, tubes, cables and steel plates, amongst other things.

Evidently with the PTPA, American products will have a special treatment therefore, dear reader, introducing U.S. products to more dynamic and expanding markets like ours, will represent a very good business just as it is good business to take our products to Uncle Sam’s land.

For this reason, AmCham Peru is organizing the commercial mission “Trade – Peru U.S.A. 2008” the same that presents itself as an ideal alternative for import industries, or for those who wish to achieve representation, distribution or being associated with American industries in order to bring their products to Peru or the region.

Contrary to popular belief, importing is very beneficial to us, so let’s start taking advantage of it.

*Translated by Joceline Frank

Frankly Speaking Inc.