Peru: Little big consumers*

Even though these experiences of exporting fresh food products result in an enticing and uplifting experience, it is also important to stop and wonder about the opportunities we here have, at this very moment to expand these commercial advantages towards other Peruvian products, This not only will allow us to promote more non-centralized employment, but will also allow us to chain the industry with the agriculture and by doing so will create niche markets with high spending power consumers.

Such is the case for instance, of the fresh baby food market compotes, purees and juices which represent a 1.2 million dollar market per year. The younger the baby, the more dedication and cost needs to be invested in these type of food, specifically packaged for babies products and even more elaboration, if they happen to have green or eco-friendly certification.

The estimates in the U.S. Census Bureau, affirm that there are at least, 56 million Americans younger than 13 year olds, 36% of them are between the ages of 0 to 5. This means that there is a potential of 20 million new clients to feed for which our exporters are facing an unusual and incredible business opportunity, more so now with the imminent immediacy of the Free Trade Agreement accorded with the U.S.

Some 2001 numbers from the American Census, say that 12% of the babies live in the State of California while 9% to 5.7% of them live in Texas and New York respectively. That is why it is not surprising to anyone that those states precisely, report a higher demand in canned foods. Evidently, in a country where many mothers work, ready made baby food created for immediate consumption is a fantastic alternative to have.

Therefore, dear reader, there is an obvious opportunity, for our industry dedicated to the baby and children’s food market. And once again the challenge lies in overcoming the market’s demands not only in reference to the quality but also the packaging and presentation.

It is undoubted that practical and efficient packagings are basic health and marketing elements not only to preserve but also to attract the young moms, whom are finally the ones that buy and acquire the better fitting, more nutritional and beneficial products for their children.

*Translated by Joceline Frank

Frankly Speaking Inc.