Limitless Artichokes

The expansion of Peruvian exports in the likes of artichokes, has grown partly because of the sudden increase of demand for them in the northern hemisphere, particularly so in the United States and Spain, France and Germany, where consumers are concerned with their health and changing their nutritional habits. On the other hand, Peruvian artichokes sales have soared because of the possibilities of selling them tariff free to the U.S., due to the ATPDEA, which has allowed that innovative Peruvian industries could compete with and replace other monumental providers as in the case of Spain.

This, in turn, reveals that although artichokes are originally from the Mediterranean areas, the successful harvesting in our coast and highlands, has proven that our country has an incredibly vast competitive edge for its production as its climatic differences allows the production of endless possibilities in our ground as it has also been proven that Peruvian soil has a high standards in the harvesting and this impacts the world market on a very positive level.

The global imports of artichokes fresh or canned, come directly from Spain. But Peru already is the first exporter to the U.S. and this interesting dynamic can be projected further and we can actually expect that Peruvian artichoke global exports will only grow even more from now on, due to the imminent beginning of the PTPA Peru – U.S. and other commercial agreements.

To conclude finally, if we take into consideration that the production of artichokes is intense and that it directly generates an increase of employment and regional development, hence, we prove once more, dear reader that the commercial opening is a beneficial and important tool for a country like Peru, that has a great potential and a world of opportunities to take advantage from.