The new “Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act” of the American Government


On August 14, 2008 was the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act – CPSIA HR 4040, with the aim of changing the mandatory safety standards for self-marketing of products of consumption manufactured in the U.S. and imported to this territory.

The new CPSIA requires importers to take up the new security standards and legal liability of consumer products through a reasonable testing program applied to these products as well as documentation.

Certification called “Suppliers Declaration of Conformity” is applied to all products that under the CPSIA have new security standards, regulations and prohibitions. This measure became effective on November 12, 2008. The Third Party Testing is required for the entry of consumer products to the United States. The new implementation of the Third Party Testing is an obligatory measure for importers and producers of consumer products for children of twelve years of age or younger.

The new “Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act” of the American GovernmentThat is why the CPSC has banned all products containing lead in articles called for children, establishing the maximum amount of lead per article. Also, under the new safety standards for the CPSIA items designated for children, the CPSC has limited the use of certain amounts of special chemicals called "Phthalate," from February 10, 2009. This chemical is found in many plastic toys and others articles for children. Additionally, under the CPSIA, the CPSC introduced new regulations in accordance to the bed designated for children (The CPSC has regulated that all cloth and garment named "bed for children” must pass a flammability test, as well as garments bed for children must undergo a test about whether these regulations are the regulations as "fair size").

The drastic changes that the CPSC has imposed through the CPSIA require significant changes in the logistics operations of manufacturers, importers, distributors and brokers in order to provide better consumer products to the American market.