The currency exchange market and a vacation budget


When should I exchange my money?
Some people plan a vacation for months but wait until they arrive in Lima before they exchange their Dollars for Nuevo Sol. Airport exchange merchants usually charge a rate that gives them a profit and that rate may be less favorable than the rate you used to develop your travel budget. A 1500 point difference will cost you an extra $150 for every $1000 you exchange and that rate increases the cost of all your other expenses. All Banks charge a surcharge when they exchange currency and may only post one rate per day, which means it may not be a real time rate. Credit card companies use a rate that includes a profit for them and they add a surcharge on holiday purchases, so you don’t know what you’re paying until you get a statement. When you use a reliable currency trader you can average your exchanges and eliminate surprises.

How does averaging work?
Waiting until you arrive to exchange money in certain countries can be a disaster. If emerging currency markets experience a sudden surge in value, the new value can ruin your budget before you leave the airport. By exchanging small amounts at different times in the planning stage, you can develop an accurate travel budget using your vacation country’s currency as a base. You also eliminate the potential shock of currency devaluation and that means you know exactly how much money you have to spend to eat, sleep and enjoy all the sites and attractions. Averaging your exchanges using a reliable currency trader is one of the best ways to reduce stress and have more money available to spend on vacation purchases.

Other travel tips:
Common sense and awareness are your best security tools when you use them. Carry cash in a money belt or a hidden pocket that is secure and out of sight. Use hotel safes and other security measures when you arrive and stay away from questionable areas and always have a mobile phone handy.

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