Nexos Initiative: Cross-cultural Training and Leadership


Conceived of by Graciela Bareiro in New York city, Nexos Initiative was originally meant as a launchpad for Latina women living in the United States to discover their entrepreneurial spirit. Now, having been relocated to Peru, Nexos has taken on the role of a cultural consultant, with the aim of easing the integration of people from other nations into Peruvian society.

Nexos currently offers: seminars and workshops aimed at helping expatriates integrate themselves to their new society (by learning its language and identifying career and job opportunities in this new country); support for expatriates undergoing the transition and relocation to their new home country (recommendations for doctors, lawyers, or any other professional group that a business or family might require) ; executive coaching in professional and culture exchange; and entrepreneurship.

Above all, the purpose of Nexos Initiative is to encourage social networking so that those who find themselves living in Peru without a structured day might be able to come together and give life to some magnificent project. It also aspires to make already established businesses more fluent with the local customs in order to allow them to provide a better service.

Those who should contact Nexos Initiative are people with long term plans for living in Peru, or anybody else who feels the need to speak to a cultural consultant before initiating their business.

Graciela Bareiro, Founder