Canada: Missing man remembers true identity after 30 years


Since a DNA test confirmed the identity of Canadian Edgar Latulip, the 50-year-old man will be reunited with his family since he went missing 30 years ago.

In 1986, Latulip was reported missing from the Waterloo region of Ontario, Canada, and had suffered a head injury.

He was still considered missing until recently, when he began having memory flashes and met with a social worker who put his name in a Google search, discovering the investigation to his whereabouts.

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I don’t think anyone that I’ve spoken to has heard of a case like this, other than a story made for TV,’ said Constable Phil Gavin, according to the Guardian

The official said that after Latulip went missing he continued to live in the Niagara region. Without any contact with relatives for 30 years, he is expected to be reunited with his relatives.

This is always at the back of my mind. Having an answer would mean closure,’ Latulip’s mother, Silvia Wilson, told the Waterloo Region Record newspaper, according to The Guardian

The same newspaper contains a profile of the disappearance and states that Latulip had the cognition of a child due to delayed mental development. Memory flashes provided clues to Edgar Latulip that he had been living under the wrong name.



Hillary Ojeda

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