Canines of Trujillo equipped with microchips


In Peru’s northwestern coastal town of Trujillo, the police force has become the first, of likely many, to implement a program that allows them to track members of the Canine Citizen Security Brigade (la Brigada Canina de Seguridad Ciudadana). This highly trained team of dogs, made up of twelve members at the moment, are prepared to go along on patrol, to perform rescues, as well as to search for persons. Serving a great value to the police force, it is no wonder that Trujillo is making effort to keep track of their furry friends.

Comparable to the miniscule size of a grain of rice, the microchip is inserted into the back of the animal and is activated within moments. Registered information on the microchip includes age, breed, appearance, and medical history. Each animal receives a unique 15 digit registration number that can then be used to search for information upon that animal on the web.

As reported by El Comercio, Óscar Botetano Castillo, veterinary consultant to the Municipality of Trujillo, points out that not only are the microchips inserted in a humane way, but will last for the entirety of the animal’s life as well. The microchips are proof of the city’s communal fight against animal abuse and neglect, having already initiated a program called “Responsible Pet Ownership”.

According to El Comercio, any resident of Trujillo interested in acquiring a microchip for their own pet may do so at the Public Safety headquarters in Trujillo.In an effort to promote better care and treatment towards pets, the city of Trujillo has decided to use microchips as a tracking device and has begun to do so with a very special group of canines.



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