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Hatun Xauxa


(LIP-wb) In primitive times there existed a great inter-Andean lake in the Mantaro Basin which, following a tectonic catastrophe, gave way to a ravine to the south forming the River Mantaro. Traces of this event still exist, one of them being the beautiful lagoon of Paca, in whose innermost recesses a series of precious treasures belonging to a mythical world silently endure. Overcoming the disaster, the Xauxa people settled in the new valley developing agriculture, livestock and crafts.

It was a culture devoted to the worship of the dog and, however paradoxical it may seem, it is known that after being idolized the animals were eaten, drums were made from their skins and with their heads bugles were contrived to carry to war.

Later this civilization suffered under the impact of Incan penetration; Pachacutec, a born warrior, demarcated the borders of the empire and Jauja was included in the territories of Chinchaysuyo.