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A community of travelers and enthusiasts are contributing to build GPS maps in Peru. They want more people to get involved. 

By David A. Krause

Many of us have seen or heard of the advanced navigation systems that are becoming more and more common in cars in Europe and North America. These advanced systems calculate and display the best way to drive to a destination, with speed and efficiency that could only be matched by having a co-pilot who thoroughly knows the area. The systems use Global Positioning Satellite technology, or GPS, along with specialized maps that are displayed graphically on a screen. Until recently these systems were of little use in Peru, as the few available maps contained little detail outside of the city of Lima.

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From El Comercio
Translated by Anikó Kraft

Get the juice out of your 4×4 and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Peru, while forming part of the lively groups of all-terrain clubs, touring our country and sharing a culture of friendship and team work. A great opportunity for a family holiday, especially this month.

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By Simon Calder
Belfast Telegraph

The Man Who Pays His Way By the ninth hour of being stranded on a high Andean pass, some of my 52 fellow passengers began to look really rather tasty.

The film Missing depicts the true story of a plane crash on the mountainous spine of South America, in which the survivors could remain alive only by eating the remains of passengers who had perished in the accident.

My chosen form of trans-Andean transport was a bus, not an aircraft. But with the on-board supplies of food exhausted and no immediate sign of rescue, the Hannibal Lecter cookbook began to seem like a good investment