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(LIP-wb) — Chincha is an enclave of Afro-Peruvian culture, the home of hospitable and joyful people who have managed to conserve the traditions and customs of past generations and disseminate them through their music. They say that they have a secret in heaven, which they guard jealously here on Earth.

The Mysterious Don Amador

To wander through the dusty streets of El Carmen in Chincha at midday can be an invigorating experience. An unsuspected luxury. Heat without thirst. And a mystical air which permeates everything without tiring anyone.

The children of Carmen run barefoot, their faces wreathed in smiles. They are happy, for they learn the secret of El Carmen at an early age and keep it from their nieghbours from nearby communities. Throughout the year, during hours stolen from their playtime, Chincha’s children practice traditional dance steps to the delight of the image of the Holy Virgin of Carmen.