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Essay and photos by: Rodney L. Dodig

The Nasca Lines: An Incredible Fly-Over - PeruOne of the many well known wonders of Peru are the famous Nasca lines located on the Nasca plains in the southern part of Peru. The Nasca were one of many ancient cultures that reached great heights in this amazing country. The Nasca flourished from 200 BC to 700 AD and left behind not only a remarkable city with at least 17 temples, which are just being excavated, as well as a very advanced aqueduct system, but they also left these remarkable designs in the desert.

Most of them cannot be seen and appreciated unless you are flying over them in a plane, although a few can be discerned from the observation towers located in the area. On a recent excursion with friends visiting from the United States I had the opportunity to view these stunning works.

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Nazca Lines Everyone here, it seems, has a theory about the Nasca Lines.

The mysterious markings on the desert floor are a massive astronomical calendar. That’s a popular one.

Or maybe they point to hidden reserves of water, the source of life in the desert.

Then there’s my favorite: UFO landing site. Forty years ago, Danish writer Erich Von Daniken popularized that theory with his best-selling book Chariots of the Gods?

Now, strapped into a four-passenger Cessna circling over a figure called the astronaut, I’m not sure what to think. One of its hands points to the sky, another to the ground. His owlish eyes stare into mine.

Look at me, the 1,500-year-old seems to say. Can you solve my mystery?

Here’s what’s known: