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lima, peru beach map
See a map of Lima beaches below. On the left: El Silencio beach.

By Dyana Gonzales

The beaches south of Lima are among the most popular summer vacation spots for anyone looking for relaxation and recreation. The following ten beaches provide everything from crystalline waters, world-class surfing waves, scores of cevicherias, vibrant nightlife and noteworthy sunsets.

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You won’t find foreign tourists at Pozo de Lizas in Peru’s southern region of Moquegua. But Pozo de Lizas boasts a long sandy stretch, no rocks and great waves. (Photo by Pierro Sánchez Torres)  See slide show: Beaches and port charm in Ilo

By Nathan Paluck

Along Peru’s 1,900 miles of Pacific coast, the spotlight centers on the beaches of the far north and just south of Lima. Luxury bungalows of Máncora, the surf haven of Chicama, and the Lima summer getaways like Punta Hermosa are the beach kings.

Travelers looking to discover off-the-beat treasures, however, should look farther south to the regions of Arequipa and Moquegua.

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Expensive botique hotels and chic restaurants are one way of vacationing in the beaches of Máncora, Peru. But a traveler can also squeak by on one-dollar ceviches in markets and lodging for $10. Read more about the inexpensive side of Máncora.
Photo: Walter Hupiu/Promperu

By Luis Davelouis Langua, El Comercio
Adapted from Spanish by Diana Schwalb

Unlike what many think, a vacation to Máncora is not terrible expensive: Most basic services are cheap because labor is cheap. Like in many places, prices vary depending on quality and the type of customer it is directed to. That is why you can find hotels from 30 soles to $120 a night. (Those prices can doubl during high seasons.)

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A view from a restaurant in Pocitas, a relaxed beach vacation spot in Peru’s north.

By Kelly Giem
Photos by Mirella Astolfi

Las Pocitas during the off season: I’m not sure it’s a secret that I want to let out.

I didn’t spend much time in the town of Mancora itself, but rather down by the old Panamerican highway south of town in a section called Las Pocitas. Go down the road past the pier and there are a series of hotels and beaches that truly surprised me.