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Rafting the Amazon River. From left, Nathan, Adam, Andreas and Isis.

Nathan Paluck

Last year, three friends and I built a wooden raft and paddled 200 kilometers down the Amazon River in Peru. The Amazon River Raft Race. The only one of its kind in the world. It was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done. It was also, at times, similar to mild torture.

Adam, Andreas, Isis and I took off at the start of the Amazon River in the small town of Nauta with 40 other teams. Three days and 20 hours of raft time later, we arrived to the finish line in Iquitos, Peru’s largest jungle city. We were exhausted but happy.

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Achiles Amasifuen, right, is the man to call for a adventurous tour of Peru’s Amazon forest. All photos courtesy of Matthew Barker, shown on the left.

By Matthew Barker

As Peru continues its slow but steady transition from a low budget backpacker’s paradise towards the world of tour packages and luxury hotels, options for escaping the Gringo Trail into the Amazonian wilderness are fast diminishing.

Most visitors these days opt for a stay in one of the countless lodges in the tamed and controlled jungle surrounding Iquitos in the north and Puerto Maldonado to the south. The Manu reserve is still a genuine wilderness, but one that sees increasing numbers of travelers each year.

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