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Get inspired to explore Peru. Here’s your guide to Peru’s best vacation spots. Each location below includes: Top 5 Things to Do, How to Get There, Where to Sleep, Where to Eat and a tip about a lesser-known activity in the Discover section.

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Machu Picchu and the Inca Trails

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Tumbes, an eco-paradise

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Ayacucho, tradition in Peru’s Andes

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The Sacred Valley of Cusco

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Iquitos: The gateway to Peru’s Amazon

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Huancavelica: Off the tourist route

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Huancayo and the Central Highlands

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Cumbe Mayo: Thin Rivers in a Stone ForestYesterday we went to Cumbe Mayo. We elected to go via a private tour rather than a group tour—more expensive, but I think a way better experience in the end. We left at 7am sharp, just the two of us and our fantastic guide Antonio.

Antonio was an older man, a retired high school history and geography teacher who has worked for 30 years as a guide around Cajamarca. His passion for the place is infectious: he knows every square inch, every foot path, every petroglyph. He began picking up garbage along the trail the moment we set foot on it, and by the time we returned he had a plastic sack full of Inca Kola bottles and candy wrappers. He seemed genuinely sad and angry that people exist who would come to visit a place for reason of its beauty, then carelessly toss their water bottle aside while they admire the view.

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By Mylene d’Auriol

Taken from El Comercio
Amotape: Magical Forests in Peru
Tumbes holds much more than just beaches. Its extensive forests hold amazing landscapes just waiting to be discovered.The majority of visitors to Tumbes equate the area with its beautiful beaches and great food, but the region has much more to offer to those who choose to visit.

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for map of the area - click here -Courtesy of

Text: Fernando Reyes Quincho         Photos: Walter Silvera

View from Pachachaca bridge

enlargeOld and strong bridges, such as the Pachachaca, lie over the sinuous forms of the turbulent rivers that furiously break into the cordillera.

(LIP-wb) — Like a good child of the Apurímac ("the god who speaks"), Abancay has a lot to say. This regional capital is an archetypal representation of that beggar sitting on a golden stool, the metaphor for Peru immortalized by Antonio Raimondi.

Located in the southern zone of the Peruvian Andes, it is an area of geographical caprices, where green hills are met by rocky mountains and the snowcapped peaks of the Ampay National Sanctuary. It is a territory of serpentine pathways where natural and architectural jewels are hidden and babbling rivers suddenly roar into life.

In Apurímac the cows are not fat. Despite the fact that this department, buried deep in the highlands of southern Peru, boasts lush countryside and a noble past, it has still not found a way to shake off the burden of being labeled the second poorest place in Peru.