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Ancient cedar tree known as the The Grandfather

enlargeAncient cedar tree known as the The Grandfather, more than three metres in diameter and forty metres tall, in the heart of Pampa Hermosa.

LIP-wb) — After years of struggle, Pampa Hermosa has been declared a Reserved Zone by INRENA. It is to be hoped that the ancient cedars and elegant cocks-of-the-rock, together with the human inhabitants of the region, will benefit from this measure.

If a serious eco-tourism project is to be proposed – one that would bring benefits without destroying resources – then it would surely flourish. Who wouldn’t want to visit a virgin forest just six hours from Lima?

The branches scraped and clawed at our clothes as we climbed to Pampa Hermosa among dripping trees that stood erect, defying the steep slope that was in places vertiginous. The creepers and lichen danced in our faces as our guide Elmer Mapelli stood in front of what appeared to be the long tails of dinosaurs. We raised our eyes to face an enormous tree. The dinosaur tails, higher than our heads, were the colossal roots that fixed it to the earth.

“This is the Grandfather, it is a cedar more than six hundred years old, but a logger could fell it in less than three hours”. That is what Elmer said eight years ago. But I remember it as if it were yesterday.