Celebrating Earth Day 2015


If it hadn’t been for the school my kids attend, I probably wouldn’t have noticed that today is Earth Day, as most media have given very little attention to this important subject. Like other similar schools they did a great job to ensure that kids are aware how important Earth is to us and will be working with different activities throughout the day.

Last year Peru hosted the COP20, and some achievements were successful presented and heard, but it will be in Paris, at the COP21 later this year, where leaders of the world have to take important decisions to improve the environment we live in, so the world won’t collapse.

In Denmark I learned all about how to improve the environment, be a responsible citizen and recycle, but there is much more to do to make the necessary impact that will make a difference for our kids, grandchildren. Particularly in countries like Peru, where most don’t get a chance to be informed.

Artist Prince Ea went to Africa and got inspired to write this strong message, An Apology Letter to Future Generations,’ that we all can learn from and share to bring awareness of where we’re going unless we’re ready to do something about it now.