Chancay expects new port infrastructure


Peru has plans to create a $2.8 billion port complex located in Chancay, 78 kilometers north of Lima, according to Peruvian officials. While the project may seem costly, it will be funded by private capital, and is expected to promote economic, commercial and industrial development in the region.

Consisting of ten piers and a logistics center, the new port is aimed to “reduce the shortages of port infrastructure,” according to the Defense Ministry. It is expected to mainly handle minerals.

The selected site was inspected by Defense Minister Pedro Cateriano, Culture Minister Diana Alvarez and navy commander Admiral Carlos Tejeda on Saturday, August 30th.

As occurred in other successful cases, this strategic alliance between the state and the private sector seeks the concession of state properties to promote wealth (creation) and generate revenues for the government to consolidate the social inclusion policy, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The ministry also states that cultural heritage sites surrounding the bay area of Chancay, as well as the environment, are being taken into consideration during the planning process. However, not all members of the Chancay population are in support of the project. Protests have occurred, most led by the Virgen of Covadonga Fishermen Association. Allegedly, the selected site was once important fishing grounds.
The project is expected to create important revenue, but not all town residents are supportive.