Chilean University Network Starts Academic Collaboration with Peru


A bi-national seminar for the Internationalization of University Higher Education and a postgraduate fair will be the first activities of Learn Chile in Peru.

Universities in Peru are changing and improving: 3 of them were part of the top 100 universities in Latin America and it was announced recently that the limit age for teaching would go from 70 to 75 years old.

However, right now more and more Peruvian students and professionals choose to expand their academic borders abroad. According to data provided by British Council Peru, 58% of Peruvian professionals leave the country to attend a master’s degree, a trend influenced both by economic stability in the country and by new requirements of the University Law, which among other statutes establishes as a requirement for university professors to have a master’s degree.

National and international experts, together with representatives of various houses of study in Chile and Peru, will meet today at the Hotel Atton San Isidro, in a seminar that will address the opportunities and challenges of university internationalization in both countries. It will be the first official activity in Peru of the Learn Chile university network, to which 21 institutions of higher education belong. It is important to recall this will not be the first time that Peruvian education is part of an international meeting, last year it was part of this project with NASA.

On this occasion, members of the Peruvian Network for the Internationalization of Higher Education University will participate in a bi-national panel that will address the processes of opening up to the world and the challenges of international education and student mobility

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