Chileans Celebrate Peruvian Goals (VIDEO)

(Photo by La Republica)

If there is something beautiful about football it is that it is able to bring out the best emotions in people.

Two nights ago Peru made history being able to qualify for the World Cup 2018. The match was incredible, Peru was able to score 2 fantastic goals that left Peruvian fans hoarse. If you want to review the highlights from this historic match that was surely the most important from the last 36 years, click on this link.

The rivalry between Chileans and Peruvians is well-known.

But today, for the first time in so many years, Peru is qualified for the World Cup and the Chilean team was not. Some weeks ago we reported that some Chileans were interviewed before the matches against New Zealand and they sent their support to the Peruvian team and stated that Chile being left out of the World Cup was not Peru’s fault but theirs alone. If you want to watch the video, click on this link.

Chileans were extremely excited when Peru was able to score their 2 goals.

So, once again, the rivalry is left aside and the whole continent is proud of having another representative in World Cup Russia 2018. In the following video, you can listen to the reaction of the commenters.


What do you think about setting rivalry aside and cheering for other countries from South America?

(Source: Aris Sandrea/Photo from Archive)

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