Chileans in search of Peruvian cuisine head to Tacna


A recent study indicates food-related tourism in Peru’s southern Tacna region generates US$ 300 million annually, with most of the tourists coming from neighboring Chile.

The study, conducted by Peru’s export and tourism promotion agency PromPeru, shows that the most compelling reason to visit Tacna is its varied culinary options, followed by city tours, health services and shopping.

David Rendon, head of the regional chamber of tourism, said that the average Chilean tourist prefers restaurants offering rotisserie chicken and traditional coastal dishes like seco norteño, patasca, cabrito al horno, among others.

They also enjoy our pisco sour, said Rendon, adding that the border city of Tacna has some 460 eateries serving food from different parts of the country.

Chilean tourists currently account for 80 percent of the total visitor arrivals in Tacna, with about 12,000 travelers crossing the border every weekend.

Consulting firm Promarket Peru recently said that about 1.2 million tourists will have come to Peru by the end of 2013 with the intention of doing gastronomic tourism. This represents about 40% of the projected 2013 total of 3.1 million foreign visitors.Border city making major money as international foodies flock to Tacna eateries.