Christian Cueva Penalized by Club Team


The Peruvian star, Christian Cueva was fined due to delaying his arrival for pre-season.

Yesterday we reported that Denmark’s coach looks to have a friendly match with Sweden since he believes it has a similar defense to Peru and he wants to avoid all possible surprises in the World Cup.

While coaches are planning their strategies and looking for friendly matches to test them, players returned to their clubs to have pre-season training sessions. And it was due to a delay of his arrival that Christian Cueva was fined.

According to Paulo Cesar Vasconcellos, the renowned Brazilian journalist working at SporTV, the Sao Paulo Club is tired of his disinterested attitude.

Club directors warned Cueva that the next time the fine will be larger and that their actions more severe. It is worth mentioning that only a few weeks ago, Cueva was seen enjoying his vacation in Trujillo.

Cueva accepted the fine without complaints and admitted he was wrong. Nevertheless, this is not the first time that Christian Cueva has been fined by São Paulo’s board. After qualifying for the World Cup, the midfielder also delayed returning to the club.

Fans were also angry at Cueva for his delay, social networks were crowded by fans posting memes and their complaints regarding the player’s attitude.

What do you think Sao Paulo should do so Cueva does display this kind of behavior in the future?

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