Christmas Season Has Started: Know the Security Plans for Lima’s Downtown During Christmas 2017


It is widely known how people love to go out and walk different parts of Lima’s downtown, looking for gifts, food, and clothes during the Christmas festivities.

With less than 2 months away from Christmas, it is important to determine ways to control pedestrian influx and assure the well-being of everyone visiting Lima’s downtown. In order to reduce the possibility of accidents and to avoid emergencies, the metropolitan municipality announced that they will adopt security measures during this time of the year.

About one thousand municipal agents are expected to participate in the plan called “Safe Christmas 2017”. It is also known that from this Thursday on, the access of vehicles to Mesa Redonda and the central market will be restricted.

There will be a total of 300 officers, supported by 20 trained dogs to detect pyrotechnics and 400 inspectors who will be located at strategic points near the galleries of Mesa Redonda, the Central Market, Abancay Avenue and Grau Avenue stores. This year, it is expected that almost 5 million buyers will arrive at these places during the last month of the year.

Additionally, another group of inspectors will supervise Pizarro Damero, Aviación Avenue, and Las Malvinas. It is also worth mentioning that the perimeters of Abancay avenue, Junín junction, Paruro and Grau avenue are exclusively for pedestrians.

How do you feel about this measure? Does it make you feel safe?

(Source. Photo from Pixabay)



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