Cocoa Day: Chocolate and “Chocoazú” in a Race for Awards

(Photo: El Comercio)

The best cocoa transformed into chocolate bars. Get to know the Peruvian proposals that have been internationally honored.

October 1st starts the final competition of the International Chocolate Awards, which will be held in London (United Kingdom). This sixth edition of the competition will take place during the UK’s “chocolate week” and will run until October 13.

Peru and the quality of its cocoa, transformed into chocolates, is part of this list of award-winning products. In the regional competition, Peru obtained medals in 12 categories in June of this year. In total, they received 10 gold, 14 silver and 8 bronze medals in the different categories that contemplate the International Chocolate Awards.

The chocoazú as an alternative

Copaazú is a fruit (can be defined as cocoa’s cousin), from which its grains used to be thrown away. Óscar Rubio, from Cocama, rescues them and turns them into ‘chocolate’ tablets.

“This is usually booted, skulked (for scrapers and juices) and the grain is thrown away, because no one buys it and ends up as fertilizer, decomposing on the ground,” says Oscar to El Comercio.

Around the Copaazu, which Cocama obtains from the Madre de Dios region, there is also a relevant amount of profit: each kilo can be sold at 12 soles, while a kilo of its grain can be up to 22 soles each kilo.

Although the market for chocoazú is still limited – they are the only ones that process the cupazú and transform it into ‘chocolate’ bars – they are already collecting awards. The last of them is the silver medal they won in the category of flat bars of the International Chocolate Awards at the regional level.

Would you like to try some “Chocoazú”?



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