Colombian guerrilla releases Peruvian hostages


Colombia’s National Liberation Army (or ELN for its Spanish initials) has announced it has released the three Colombian and two Peruvian mining employees it had kidnapped last month in northern Colombia, Peru21 reported.

According to a statement posted on the group’s website, the 5 men were released “after informing them of the charges against them […]”

The kidnapped men were employed by Canadian mining firm Geo Explorer, according to the daily.

However, Colombian authorities have not yet confirmed or denied the ELN’s release.

The kidnapping occurred on January 18, when close to two dozen ELN guerrillas raided the firm’s mining camp, located in the Casa de Barro village in the department of Bolivar.

In 2010 the ELN, a revolutionary group that conducts military operations throughout Colombia, reportedly had about 5,000 guerillas.
Last December, two subcontractors from Occidental de Colombia were freed by ELN, after being temporarily kidnapped.

Colombia’s National Liberation Army has announced the release of three Colombian and two Peruvian mining employees.