Congressman Apaza Believes that Venezuelan Immigration Should Be Restricted


Peru has recently granted the opportunity for Venezuelans in Peru to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit since more than 8,000 people holding this nationality have entered the country every month since January 2017.

Justiniano Apaza, Congressman for the Frente Amplio party proposed to restrict or regulate immigration to Peru from Venezuelans.

This comment unleashed critics from almost every other parliamentary caucus, but, nevertheless, Apaza insisted that Venezuelan immigration should not be incentivized.

This is the second time that Apaza publishes about this topic on his Facebook page, according to El Comercio, stating his reasons for believing that no more foreigners should come to Peru: “Because of the unemployment situation of the young people in the country; it increases informal jobs in Peru; it promotes abuse from employers. We will not allow cheap workforce or exploitation; the State guarantees access to social services, health and education for foreigners, even if they are insufficient for Peruvians”.

On the other hand, the Minister for Work and Job Promotion, Javier Barreda, declared on Sunday that he didn’t agree with Apaza’s expressions, but that he respected them. He added that “the modern theories discard that the migratory factor distorts the labor markets any part of the world”, wrote El Comercio.

Recently, the Peruvian government established that Venezuelans that entered the country on legal terms before July 31, 2017, can obtain a Temporary Residency Permit (Permiso de Residencia Temporal, PTP) valid for a year that will allow people to access jobs, pay taxes and more.

The deadline to obtain this permit is set for June 30, 2019, according to a subscribed norm by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vicente Romero, and President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

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