Construction of Peru’s Largest Wind Farm Underway

(Photo: Acclimatize Network)

Multinational energy company Enel informs that they have begun work on Wayra 1, set to be the largest wind farm the country has ever seen.

Sustainable energy alternatives continue to make progress in Peru. Multinational power company Enel announced recently that they have begun construction on what is to be their first wind farm in the Andean country.

It is also going to be the largest wind farm in Peru when construction is complete, reports CNBC. Wayra 1, as it is called, is to be located in the district of Marcona in Ica, a region south of Lima on the desert coast of Peru.

The wind farm is expected to be in operation by 2018 and will produce power equivalent to the needs of half a million Peruvian homes.

Head of subsidiary Enel Green Power, Antonio Cammisecra, told CNBC that “our aim in Peru is to become the leading player in renewable energy.”

Besides the largest wind farm, Enel corporation is involved in a large solar energy operation in Peru. Check out our contributor Jason Mueller’s excellent and concise article on the subject:

Massive Solar Project Will Produce Low-Cost Energy in Peru



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