Measures Being Taken to Ensure Corrupt Politicians Will Not Be Able to Run for Office


A lawyer of the State highlighted the opportunity for Congress to ratify a law that prevents those condemned by diverse crimes to participate in electoral processes.

Corruption is one of the main subjects discussed in current Peruvian political landscape. Especially with the prosecution of all politicians involved in Odebrecht’s case. A case that seemed to involve many of the main leaders from political parties.

Such is the case of President PPK who was almost impeached from his position as head of state because of suspected relationships with Odebrecht. Although the President is currently under investigation, the Lava Jato Commission has not stopped making decisions to ensure a cleaner political future for the country.

The anti-corruption prosecutor, Amado Enco, said that “the law that the Congress plans to ratify today to prevent people convicted of various crimes, such as corruption, from participating in an electoral process is “healthy”.

Today, the plenary session will be held from 10:30 am and on, and it is expected that they will address the norm indicated so that it becomes effective tomorrow, to be within the deadline before the convening of the regional and municipal elections in October.

“Any legal mechanism aimed at preventing, punishing and reducing the margin of action for impunity in the area of corruption is very healthy for the country,” said the State’s lawyer in dialogue with the Andina news agency.

Do you think this law will be effective?

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