Cows interrupt Regional Round of Copa Peru


Two Peruvian soccer teams, Minsa FBC and Transporte Inambari of Mazuko, were facing off in the Regional Round of the championship when suddenly a large group of cows invaded the soccer field, causing the players to stop their play momentarily.

While most of the cows seemed to carelessly jaunt from one end of the field to the other, two white cows caught the contagious feeling of competiveness as they playfully butted heads. Moments later, as seen in the video, a lone dark cow leisurely strutted his larger-than-man´s muscles, far behind the rest of his friends. Eventually the cows left and no damage was caused.

_Cows present an opportunity for players to catch their breath. (Video: Youtube)_
Both teams represent the department Madre de Dios, located in the southeastern region of Peru. Tournament games between departments throughout Peru will stretch into October of this year, competing to be the champion amateur soccer team of Peru. The champion of 2013´s cup was San Simon.Participants of the soccer match got a surprise when stampede of cows took over the grass field to begin a match of their own.