Cusco: Possible Inca Archaeological Remains

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The finding occurred at the border of the provinces of Calca and La Convención, in the Cusco region. They found remains formed by platforms, passages, walls, and even a stone dwelling.

Cusco does not stop to amaze us and the world! A possible Inca citadel was discovered by neighbors of the sector of Sacramento, in the limit of the provinces of Calca and La Convención, region Cusco. The archaeological remains, formed by platforms, passages, walls, and even a stone dwelling, were covered by abundant vegetation.

Citizens Javier Pazo Chipa, Venancio Encalada Paravecino and Belisario Álvarez Aranibar and Justo Puma Huamán were grazing on September 9  in the area of the Megantoni National Sanctuary (same place where this curious species was found a couple of years ago), when they noticed the hidden remains.

The mayor of La Convención, Wilfredo Alagón Mora, informed about the discovery.

Also, specialists from the National Service of Areas Protected by the State (Sernanp) traveled to the area accompanied by neighbors, with the previous warning that none carry cellular phones, GPS, cameras or other audiovisual recording equipment.

However, the group showed the municipality of La Convención photographs of the Inca citadel. Due to this, Alagón Mora communicated with the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Roger Valencia, to make the discovery known.

Jorge Yabar Zamalloa, head of the Coordinating Management of Monuments of the DDCC, said that within a week we will have a technical report on this finding prepared by an archaeologist of the institution. It is expected to confirm whether this archaeological place has already been registered or is entirely new to the cultural entity.

Do you think there will be more discoveries in Cusco before the end of the year?

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