Cusco: Villagers Discovered Remains of Inca Citadel (VIDEO)

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The important archaeological find was carried out by a group of investigators, who found platforms, enclosures, and constructions in the forest cusqueña, in the sector of Sacramento.

Yesterday we were reporting that a group of four researchers made an important finding in the sector of Sacramento, in the jungle of Cusco. The group found the remains of a series of constructions and enclosures in that zone. Well, here is a new video about the finding:

The discovery was made between the Lacco-Yavero Valley and the Megantoni National Sanctuary (SNM), in the Sacramento sector. The four settlers of Sacramento arrived at that zone where they found a series of constructions. The discovery was possible thanks to a series of investigations carried out several years ago.

However, this information has not yet been confirmed by the Ministry of Culture and Sernanp, an entity that has the power of control in that area, because it is a nature reserve.

It has been said that state authorities are expected to arrive in the area to certify the findings made by the researchers, who made the discovery on 9 September and made the information available. The exact location of the finding is the sector of the Laguna del Ángel and Alto Timpía. In the few recorded photographs, you can see a kind of house made of stone on which lays a huge tree. There are also stairways, platforms, among other construction.

What do you think about this finding?

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