Daniel Salaverry Is The New President Of Congress For The Period 2018 – 2019


With 69 votes Daniel Salaverry was elected as the new president of Congress for the period 2018 – 2019. He will be replacing the Fujimorist congressman Luis Galarreta.

According to Gestión, the other candidate, Víctor Ándres García Belaúnde, obtained 56 votes. There were 2 vitiated votes and one left in blank.

“After the results, Congressman Salaverry and García Belaúnde greeted each other; while some members of the Nuevo Perú caucus raised their sheets with a message: Out with the corrupt”, you can read in this media.

The election also confirmed that the three vice-presidencies will be occupied, in the following order, by their colleagues from Fuerza Popular: Leyla Chihuán, Segundo Tapia, and the recently reinstated Fujimorist Yeni Vilcatoma.

(Cover Photo Flickr)

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