David Christian: History of the world in 18 minutes


We often tend to make a long story short’ or get to the main point’ of things, but what happens when one tries to tell the history of the world?

For Historian David Christian, his story-telling skills successfuylly tackly such the task in world-record speed: in 18 minutes we are taught the Big History .

The general tendency of the universe is to move from order and structure, to lack of order, lack of structure, in fact to mush.

With support from interesting and often stunning imagery, Christian is able to engage us for the alotted time he feels necessary in order to teach what many of our history and science teachers were unable to do within an entire school year.

What makes humans different? And, perhaps first on your mind, what can be said for those eggs in the image above? Talk a look in the video below and find out!