Rio 2016: David Torrence qualified for the 5,000 meter finals


Peruvian athlete David Torrence qualified for the final of the 5,000 meters, after placing tenth with a time of 13 min 23 s and 20 c.

The athlete shared the competition with British medalists Mo Farah, who comes after winning the gold in the 10,000 meters.

David Torrence represented the United States at the 2015 Toronto Pan American Games, where he won the silver medal in the 5,000 meter competition. However, the athlete of Peruvian decent decided to become a citizen for a chance to represent Peru in his first Olympics.

David Torrence also qualified to compete in the 1500 meters. However, the national athlete chose to only compete the 5000 meters.

The final will be held this Saturday from 7:30 pm (Peruvian time).