Delicious pineapple and prawn ceviche


This is a dish I’ve wanted to do for ages! In fact, my little sister beat me to it once and made a great tomato-like lime & zesty concoction of mixed seafood.

I’ve seen delicious ceviche style dishes around for a while and finally decided to get down to it. Actually, being closer to the summer months here in the Southern Hemisphere, we recently dined somewhere where a delicious scallop ceviche came forth, topped by golden spoonfuls of grapefruit granita… It was heaven! Ok, it was the Four Seasons, so of course it was heaven!

For me, this ceviche dish is a delight! It makes use of the bountiful seafood here in Sydney, as we near the summer and I love the sweet, spicy and salty combination with the pineapple too. On sunny days, you could serve it chilled in shot glasses and on a little spoon for entertaining. I plan to do a lot of these types of dishes this summer. Food was always in my blood, because my father and brother both trained as chefs, I grew up in a household where there was always cooking.

Though many years later (I trained as a Theatre designer), I often wanted to reach back to those early days of growing up in a household full of food. Thus, I decided to study as a chef and find a way to combine my design skills with food! (I’m more than half way now.) Initially I began by keeping online snaps of my food on Instagram. (To document the dishes I cooked in class and at home) The blog came about because occasionally people asked me for a place to find those recipes. It then that I expanded to videos and online cooking tutorials this year, more recently resulting in a (partnership) with the Tastemade Network on YouTube.

*See more of Alice´s videos and cooking tutorials “here.”:https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QWG2tTiEZtQ*