Denmark’s Coach Compares the Peruvian Team to Sweden


One of the coaches that will have to face Peruvian football strategies gives his opinion regarding the team.

Denmark is part of group C, the same group as Peru along with France (which is considered strongest in the group) and Australia. But the latest information known about any of these teams is that the coach of Denmark  chose Sweden for a friendly match because of the similarities between this team and Peru.

Denmark’s coach says that he wants to take this match as a preparation to arrive in optimal conditions to the World Cup 2018 and avoid surprises.

It is worth mentioning that this is only the first from a series of friendly matches scheduled for Denmark. Peru, on its side, will also play some friendly matches before going to Russia.

Prior to the duel against the Swedes, Denmark’s coach, Age Hareide, referred to the friendly and compared the defense of the team that left Italy without any possibility of going to the World Cup to Peru’s defense.

The coach also mentioned during a press conference that their match against Sweden has two purposes for them and it is a useful match in their preparations for the World Cup, firstly, because of the chance of playing against Sweden which is an opponent with a well-organized style that is reminiscent Perus style under Gareca . And second, it is a great opportunity to try effectiveness and accuracy as well.

Do you think Peru’s style is similar to any European team?

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